Hey there! My name is Jason Stone and this is Boundless Outdoors.

I grew up outside. There was an independence I found when my parents would tell us to “go play outside” with the only requirement being: “be back for dinner”. Even in the backyard, collecting bugs and rocks, I remember feeling so in place and in-tune with nature. At the risk of sounding old, we didn’t have the stimulation kids have today. Going to play outside was a reward for me and my childhood friends, not a punishment. We made up our own games, outside, and we played them until the streetlights came on.

I was fortunate to forge my outdoor skills hiking, camping, fishing and paddling the forests, rivers, and lakes of Michigan. I fell in love with backpacking during undergrad on the shores of Lake Superior; rock climbing and cycling while in graduate school in Colorado and have developed a bit of an obsession with travel and adventure. Now, with children of my own and wilderness spaces disappearing all over the world; I felt compelled to be a part of reconnecting people with the outdoors through travel and adventure before the connection is lost forever.

I started Boundless Outdoors in 2018 to be a collective of professionals and organizations dedicated to making outdoor recreation a household activity.

We are avid adventurers, travelers, hikers, backpackers, paddlers, climbers, cyclists, and conservationists. We believe that there is a place in the soul to be discovered through outdoor adventure and exploring that place is crucial to the balance in our lives.

We hope to share useful adventure tips and gear reviews, inspiring photography, entertaining stories, and our passion for everything “outdoors”. To some, the outdoors are wilderness. To others, the outdoors are their backyard. To us, the outdoors are boundless.

We aim to help you #AdventureAccordingly



Please Note: Boundless Outdoors is a paid affiliate of outdoor brands, products, and online retail entities. While we do get paid if you purchase a product from our recommendations, we ONLY recommend products we believe in, have field tested ourselves, from brands we know and trust.