7 Cycling Essentials to Bring with You on Every Ride

posted by Jason Stone June 11, 2018 0 comments

While you might want to pack as light as possible when you’re ready to go riding, there are a few things you’re going to want to have with you. No matter if you’re ready for a long multi-day ride or you’re just going to be gone for a little while, make sure you pack these essentials.

1. Flat Tire Repair Kit

You never know when a flat tire will happen, so it’s best to make sure you have what you need to repair a tire if anything happens. Keep a small flat tire repair kit with the essentials handy so you don’t have to walk your bike or wait for someone to bring you a patch.

2. Small Multi-Tool Kit

Flat tires aren’t the only things that can go wrong when you’re cycling. A small multi-tool is easy to pack and provides the tools you need for anything else that might happen while you’re riding. Keep it on hand for adjustments or repair so you can get back on the bike again faster.

3. Rain Gear

Keep rain gear handy just in case the weather starts to change. While you might get away without needing it if you check the weather ahead of time, depending on how long you’re gone, you might want to have it on hand just in case.

4. Bike Lock

At some point, you’re going to need to stop. If you end up needing to run into a store for an emergency, make sure you have a way to lock your bike. Like the rain gear, this is something that’s better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it.

5. First Aid Kit

Always keep at least a small first aid kit with the basics when you’re cycling. You never know when you could fall and be injured. Having at least a few band-aids and some antibiotic cream will help you take care of even small cuts and scrapes immediately so they don’t become infected.

6. Water

Keep a small water bottle on you no matter how long you plan to be gone and have a plan in place to replenish your water when needed on your ride. Drink plenty of water throughout your ride to ensure you stay hydrated and keep cool when it’s hot outside.

7. Food

Even if you don’t plan on being gone too long, pack a few small snacks just in case you end up needing the extra energy. While snack bars can be expensive, they’re often the perfect snacks for while you’re riding because they’re easy to pack and easy to eat. Check out homemade alternatives to save money and still get the energy you need.

Keep these essentials on you when you ride to make sure you’re going to have everything you need to handle what could happen on the road. If you do end up needing to fix your bike or to stop and get some extra energy for the ride back, you’ll be glad you packed the essentials.

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